And apparently, I now have some 5. There is a quite wide array of variants of it, and I’ve made a list below for your perusal. Sweex Scroll Mouse Driver Windows.. No weight adjustment, likely no sidescroll either. Advertised macro features None. And it doesn’t stop there This driver provides support for your wireless keyboard and optical mouse for the Windows 9.

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So I fired up SnoopyPro, and had a look at the interaction that took place. And apparently, I now have some 5.

Now of course this makes sense for a highly configurable gaming mouse, but as my mouse didn’t come with such software I found it a little odd. After some mucking around with VirtualBox to get USB passthrough to work hey, openSUSE packagers, you should probably document that you’ve disabled that by default for security reasons!

Surely if these mice are all the same model, they would have the same chipset and thus the same capabilities? Navigator Mtfk MS 9. Has the same weight adjustment system as the standard LG.

Compared to a ‘regular’ 5 euro optical USB mouse – which I always have laying around as a spare mousse I noticed that two more interactions took place:. Similar shell to the PureTrak Valor, but no weight adjustment.


Driver Guide Login Details. Mtek Optical USB scroll mouse. This appears to be a custom cheaper optical build. Compared to a ‘regular’ 5 euro optical USB mouse – which I always have laying around as a spare – I noticed that two more interactions took place: Also no macro key.


Either way, the various other mice with the exact same build piqued my interest, and I started looking for other Areson LG variants. It even keeps working after detaching it from the USB passthrough and thus returning it to Linux. This driver provides support for configuring your wireless mouse. This software is the same as the software that. So I started researching, to figure out who actually made these things – after all, Medion barely does any manufacturing themselves.


This site was designed with the. Apparently it had been staring me in the face for a while, and I failed to notice it. Presumably, that interface is mte, for configuring the DPI and macros, and I suspect that the registration of it triggers enabling the DPI and macro buttons on the device. Wireless laser mouse turbo.


This driver is the same as the driver. I’ve changed the configuration as you can see in the screenshotand it really does take effect. Create your website today.

Actual maximum configurable DPI Not tested. This appears to be a custom cheaper build. Its ‘driver’ software happily lets me configure moise mouse up to mouuse DPI – even though my Medion mouse was only advertised as DPI! Actual macro features Not tested. Memorex Optical Pro Mouse 3.

Primax Venus Mouse Driver 2. Recently, I recommended it to somebody else, only to find that Medion mtwk stopped selling it and it wasn’t available anywhere else, either.

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Making Bird Feeders Ebook. I started out by searching for it on Google, but this failed to bring up moude useful results. Advertised macro features None.