Your cumulative average will be the best of the following three weighted averages: Homework 7 due November Special OH during finals week: One homework with the lowest score will be dropped. While you are encouraged to crowdsource and discuss coursework through Piazza, please do not post complete solutions to homework problems there. If, despite your best efforts, you arrive late, please enter quietly through the rear door and take a seat near where you entered.

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E-mail communication should be courteous and respectful in manner and tone. You should expect questions on the exams that will test your understanding of concepts discussed in the lecture. Posts about homework or exams on Piazza should be content based.

Math 140A – Real Analysis

Go over the homework problems, partial solutions are provided below, next matb each homework set. Also, here and here are the earlier posted Prep documents for Midterms 1 and 2. Here are five practice problems focusing on material covered since Midterm 2.

Our office hours can be found in the following calendar.

According to the UC San Diego Course Catalogthe topics covered are basic properties of the real numbers, complex numbers, metric spaces, sequences and series of real numbers, functions of a real variable, and continuity. Penalties for these offenses always include assignment of a failing grade in the course, and usually involve an administrative penalty, such as suspension or expulsion, as well.


Math A – Real Analysis

Math 31CH or Math Weekly homework assignments are posted here. UC San Diego’s code of academic integrity outlines the expected academic honesty of all studentd and faculty, and details the consequences for academic dishonesty.

In addition, here are a few of our expectations for etiquette in and out of class. Find the suprema and prove your claims in problems 4.

Math A: Foundations of Real Analysis I, Fall

Homework 3due Friday, January Tu pm YinjiaWed pm Ioan Second midterm information. One homework with the lowest score will be dropped. Homework assignments are posted belowand will be due at 5: Your final score will be calculated as the maximum of the following two schemes: Your lowest two homework scores will be dropped.

Homework 10due Friday, March 4. If, for any reason, you cannot turn in a homework assignment, keep in mind that the lowest two scores will be dropped.


There are no exceptions; this grading scheme is intended to accommodate emergencies that require missing an exam. Preparation for the Final Exam: Solutions have been posted on 10a.

Friday, September 27 Review: Homework Weekly homework assignments are posted here. Course webpage this page: The letter grades assigned will depend on the performance of the class. It is allowed and even encouraged to discuss homework problems with your classmates and your instructor and TA, but your final write up of your homework solutions 140w be your own work.

We will also post lecture notes as we go. You can also post maath messages to instructors on Piazza, which we prefer to email.

There will be two evening midterm exams and a final exam; dates, times, and locations posted below. First course in a rigorous three-quarter sequence on real analysis. No cheat sheet is allowed.