You wanted mouse ideas, thats mine. Will asking for Bluetooth one more time convince Logitech to improve their Bluetooth mice line of products? A 5 Button cordless thumb ball with scroll wheel would get my attention and my money, include the option of long cord receiver and laptop nub and I would pay top dollar. All mice are designed this way now, unfortunatley. Please consider a Bluetooth version of the Trackman Wheel. Preferably a stand alone receiver for the mouse I have.

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Help Us Develop A Better Computer Mouse

Software —Some application wants an Escape Key; I would recommend 2 small keys pressed at the same time. Ah, finally…I m-cg46 not find an email address anywhere to contact you.

Or at least a USB receiver that is small like the ones for the mouse pointers. Hi, Actually this idea is not related to mouse… But I have an idea. Px ,we are using the MX because it offers many buttons that allows each radiologist to customize to their preferences.

It could be retracted on the bottom xo, taking the stress of the connector. This driver works on XP, but I don’t know about Win7.

Things like LCDs in keyboards would be a lot more tempting if they actually worked. I second the person who likes the M-CV46 Mouseman. I have been calling and asking for this for about 4 years.


Logitech Mouseman 4 Button Ergonomic M-cv46 Ps/2 Wired Mouse | eBay

M-BL63B To find out if software is available for your product, do m-fv46 following: It is my pointing device of choice for my desktop computer and long stints on my lappy. There is a lot to be desired on the software front, and I often find myself resorting to the default Windows driver, and loosing many of the promised functionalities.

M-v46 praise you for your hardware innovations, let us praise you as well, on this new front.

That is the all time best pointing device! Please make a copy of it. In Results 1 – 40 of Another nice-to-have feature would be a rechargeable via USB battery and maybe an option to function as either a wireless or a wired mouse when charging. Search for articles or select a topic.

This option requires basic OS understanding.

Help Us Develop A Better Computer Mouse | logi BLOG

Having all my savings stolen is a Windows risk I no longer have to live with. Just think of it: Please help us maintain a helpfull driver collection.

Logitech M Cv46 Workstation was fully scanned at: For the Desktop model trackball I like the long cord on the wireless reciever, but for a laptop where a cordless model would be perfect — the long cord is a deal breaker.


Impress us all with your concern for our plight. Is it possible to pair the Nano reciever to the wireless trackman? The m-c46 thing that would make the Trackman Wheel more appealing … Bluetooth! My wife uses one of the Cordless Trackman Wheels with her laptop.

I had a crappy Microsoft ball mouse from April to October This fingerpad thing on my new laptop is giving me carpal tunnel. Please consider a Bluetooth version of the Trackman Wheel. M-fv46 love to send out surveys and hold focus groups to learn what people think about our products. You will find people on ebay hunting these mice down.

The older one, which is starting to wear out after years of use, can be used all day long with no pain at all. Only found one on ebay and they thought it was gold plated.