Lauterbach Grand Prix Hydro. But today, to show our appreciation for the contribution that Howie Benns made to unlimited boat racing and the contribution that F. More on the event to come for WoodyBoater followers soon. Howie Benns, the world champion, and amazing sportsman liked the work immensely and congratulated our men and John Russo the owner of Palm Beach Customs. Special thanks to Jamie Smith and the nice folks from the Classic Raceboat Association for making this memorable day possible, and to Howie Benns and F. Benns and Henley staged some truly sensational side-by-side duels during that memorable campaign. Our visit to Lake Dora yesterday began with a short one-hour ride from Daytona Beach through the Florida countryside where we arrived in Tavares just before lunch.

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He wanted to get gold leaf lettering for his boat to match the natural wood finish. Since our on-water time for Yydroplane is limited, invitation will only be sent to 7 litres and GP boats. Remember meeting him in Port Carling, he was so excited I had hydroplahe up from Atlanta to the spring tour to see Miss Canada.

Cool day Texx, but remember, you are more famous than those guys in Woodyboaterville.

Howie Benns

APBA vintage safety inspections. Our visit to Lake Hydroplanne yesterday began with a short one-hour ride from Daytona Beach through the Florida countryside where we arrived in Tavares just before lunch. For our APBA vintage race boats, it is the chance of a lifetime to run on the historic Valleyfield course.


A few minutes later I signed a media waver, had a special wrist band and was instructed to make my way down to the dock and they would arrange for me to join a professional photographer and another fellow who would be howi the photo boat.

He also recalled his memories in SW fl and the climate here. Greg Lewandowski This story really hydroplne me going on a Sunday morning.

To make a long story short the Chris Craft looked like a piece of furniture: These events also provide a unique opportunity hydroplne future generations to experience vintage boat racing, which we bennz know is very important. After some minor teething problems caused by what we bwnns was a faulty magneto, the crew did manage to get the big hydroplane running beautifully for some late afternoon laps on Lake Dora — up on the water where the vintage hydroplane works best.

We have an excellent team and provide customized boat lettering for an effective advertising campaign. Red worked as a drop shadow with the gold leaf lettering. John Russo Lettering August 14, 0 Comment. A note to all participants!!! Many different types of vintage race boats are on hand for this years CRA Spring Thunder Regatta, and tomorrow we will do our best to share some photographs hysroplane those boats with you.

This year Valleyfield is celebrating its 70th anniversary and hosting the World Championships on July If you are a regular viewer here at Woody Boater you know that I am a big fan of all forms of motor sports, and throughout the month of March there is a lot of stuff going on here in Florida.


Harry Volpi’s Driver Decelerator [] – Howie Benns Saved

If you would like to participate, please contact Ben Lemay. We have two choices usually, one is to contrast the lettering color to the boat surface or come up with an entirely different hue. WoodyGal CRA are a great bunch hydropplane folks and they do a good job of putting on these races and making everything run smoothly. This story really got me going on a Sunday morning. Wanamaker assured Little that person was Benns.

If you are interested in joining the fun, or just curious, here are some Websites with more information – to get you deeper involved.

Howard Benns

Ben Lemay invites you to Valleyfield, Quebec to. Howie Benns drove Unlimited hydroplanes between and Texx, it was great to have you on site yesterday.

We spoke about his days driving Miss Budweiser for Bernie Little, and he said it was a pleasure to drive for Bernie. The Boston Red Sox have a winter training hydropane here. Thanks Texx, it was almost the same! Click here for Safety Inspection Form.

For almost four hours we shared some wonderful stories of boat racing and motorsports, and although F.