Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. No display, no POI on that stuff. This was a simple receiver that could be connected to any computer. It makes a nice bleep and flashes a red light when it achieves lock-on which is nice and reassuring. See also the utility SirfDemo. Generally it take a few minutes to initialize and fixing a new position and a few more to get on DGPS.

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Receiver should be up to 3 meters away.

A update to the Neo which has the mass 2440 as target. Geotagging is also provided, with the possibility to quickly associate names to tagged positions. It has Bluetooth and USB connectivity. The device can easily be used in Linux too; e. It is well written for a Taiwanese user manualand runs to 66 pages.

When the device is full, it appears to start removing older files. So after months of usage specially in a car the connector on the N35 will loose contact with the mother boardand the N35 battery will not be recharged nor it will be recognized in the computer. The newer GPSlim has a similar spec. There are plenty of other GPS clients that will probably run on the Pi.


In the software “Version 1. Although I cannot speak from experience cause I have a damned untappable ipad 2.

Logging format not clear. Packaging includes USB cable and car lighter adapter Caveat: This small device works well with PCs and Mobile Phones.

Holux Bluetooth GPS Module And The Raspberry Pi – Raspberry Pi Spy

Works very well in combination with gpsd on Linux. Works well with Holux M You can also geotag photos taken using these phones using Nokia’s free Location tagger software. Early firmware versions had problems with track drift firmware is upgradeable, but difficult to find the latest version.

Nov 15, This should be obvious, but always remember to check the package contents list before buying; never had any trouble so far, but it’s always good to be careful for charging up the battery. Although the earlier models suffered from RF-interfence and excessively long warm-up times, the model seems to have solved most of these issues.


The USB interface on the device is supported by the pl driver and appears as a serial port e. Very cheap, but comes with minimal documentation and without software. Externally very similar to the Holox BT Linux lsusb tool said that is a “Bus Device It is the real GPS position stored and not the displayed one!!

This was a simple receiver that could be connected to any computer. Software supports tracking out of the box.

Holux Technology MacOS Driver Downloads

Retrieved from ” gppslim It has all the standard basic GPS features: Battery life is at least several hours of continual operation. This unit was successfully used with Bluetooth-enabled laptops and Nokia N80 with only one firmware-related problem.

It featured a magnet; useful to fix it on the car roof. Software supports tracking, but this function is disabled by default.