While the capture card will function perfectly normal as a screen capture for gaming — and excel, arguably — the card is more intended to capture video straight from a high-end camera. You see where I am going with this? The video file supports electron enlarge, taking pictures and instant print and exe format back up. Setting up motion detection area discretionarily, the sensitivity is adjustable. While its features are limited, the software bundled with it is rather nice compared to competing products, and the aesthetic design of the capture card is unique. You have to set up everything properly; from the necessary cables and inputs to the software settings.

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But, if you want to use a familiar and more captude streaming software like OBS or Xsplit, then get a capture card that has support for these programs. We offer technical support for all our products. You can also record your footage and edit it as you so desire.

Because it uses the new USB 3. A mainstay in the capture card community, Elgato is to capture cards what Apple is to phones.

Always make sure to check the settings and fiddle with them according to your ideal setup. Support Intranet IP to remote monitoring. Thus, leaving you with more resources for your games. Support local and remote PTZ control. The Razer Ripsaw is their take on the game capture card and it is pretty good.


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Learn more about Capture Cards on Wikipedia. Well, if you vide to use a more robust streaming software like OBS, for example, you can pretty much do so since it is supported by the LGX.

Read reviews Write a review. Easy setup, understated design, PS3 gaming cable included for PS3 streaming. You see where I am going with this? Always make sure to use the latest version of their software. The AVerMedia is a company that is committed to producing vieeo capture cards as well.

There are mainly two types of game capture cards: Every capture card on this list supports. The Best Capture Card is: The price, however, is not. Razer is a well-known brand when it comes to gaming peripherals. Always set things up properly — and by this, I mean the physical and on the software side of things. Through IE realize such perfect network management functions as remote spot monitoring, remote historical playback, remote spot video recording, remote historical video recording, etc.

Every capture card in this list supports a Full HD P resolution at 60 frames per second, which is the maximum FPS a game console can output at a time.

Video Capture Frame Grabber

The price, as is the case with many of the cards on this list, may be difficult for many to swallow. While its features are limited, the software bundled with it is rather nice compared to competing products, and the aesthetic design of the capture card is unique. If you want more functionality, then you should definitely use either of the popular streaming applications.


The build is clean, the setup is incredibly simple, and the card overall touts its premium feeling from head to toe with pride.

To truly bring out the best in every game capture card, you need to know ether101044 tips. With a clean, simple and understated design, the video capture card begins to reflect the rise in price over neighboring cards.

16 Channel PC DVR Card Support Multi-Hard Disks Cycle Recording

This is actually an improved version of the original HD Game capture cards offer more versatility and give you more performance than what is already inside your game console. And, AVerMedia is kind enough to include a 3-month xard to the Xsplit Broadcaster software if you want to use that instead of the Rec 2. Each channel Image color can be adjusted independently by software. However, if you have a fairly powerful PC, you do not need a game capture card at all since you can directly record game footage using OBS or Xsplit.