Posted June 23, This is what I needed to have my MacPlus connected to Internet. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: A happy Mac Plus – best way to internet it? But at least it showed something!

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Of course there is always ehherprint possibility to do something on your own using the catweasel. Which is the best alternative? Sign in Already have an account? Got to think about this now Edited April 11, by Themk. Next step was to say hello to the google DNS.

LocalTalk-to-Ethernet bridge – Wikipedia

Is it 5V, 12V. Dayna EtherPrint Administrator Software 3. The netatalk server was already running on the OrangePi and teherprint serving out files with out a glitch.

Originally Posted by ClassicHasClass. I got my adaptors today, very nice! So Etherprintt need it’s software now: Online at a Swiss store: I ordered two, they are on the way from Switzerland now. Heard back, they will ship to U. Other options to get the software into the machine? It also seems like the gatorbox, starrouter or muliport is more or less impossible to find, leaving only a few quite expensive ones at Ebay.


But at least it showed something! But it was sorted out in the end.

USED Mini EtherPrint Plus-T, Dayna EP –

Really not the best browser around. I’ve read, I’ll need this software But what about compatibility. But you better ask. Posted April 27, edited.

It got the Got to think about this now. This software is provided by a nice Dutch guy and can be found here. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Nice for playing around with LocalTalk.

So with it working so nicely I just felt it would be interesting to network it. I’ll give it a try, thanks! I saw some one in this forum having problem with Asante Talk.

USED Mini EtherPrint Plus-T, Dayna EP0431

If eayna, Im gonna buy one! Crashed as soon as a I closed a window and was unable to handle redirects. Almost the same on my site.

Dtherprint had some initial problems since the wrong image was linked from macip. These files were then transfered to the OrangePi where I “unbin” them to have the data fork and resource fork separately. Posted April 12,