Later, he was allowed to meet unsupervised with O’Riley in a predetermined car outside the detention center. For that you get to sleep with a lb guy named Mike for few years! Watching the bigger players trying to get into and out of the cars. In Toronto where I grew up yes I did grow up it was happening every month with diff malcontents I knew. Mike Jones you speed now, but you know the consicquences now. When the French police arrested him, 12 countries in which he had committed fraud sought his extradition.

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Wikiquote has quotations related to: Ok so yeah that works every now and then. Posted on Wednesday, August 31, – The Crown Vic is not the cstch to mess with.

Frank Abagnale

I assume this is because of the driver, not the car. Paul Most of the text on that page echos the research I did with one of the profs at Mira, helps that he is a friend of the family. The friend i was racing was right on my bumper to keep the cop from getting in between us.

Carl intercepts Frank at a hotel but Frank convinces Carl that his name is Barry Allen of the Secret Service and that he is also after the fraudster. The family sued the police and won.


What did I get for this noble act? He was beinhd me trailing close and I left the light slow giving him the chance to try and pas me. It doesn’t always save me though. Just read this thread and this discussion has lasted more that a year?!?

+ T5 x RPM’s = Catch me of you can – Third Generation F-Body Message Boards

And mph isn’t that fast I wish I could say that yku special tuning did it but with that computer my tuning knowlede cant carry over. MuddyWaters Gold Member Username: Copyright – – All rights Reserved Constructed by – Quasars. They have mondo power but after having to dog the brakes 2 or 3 times brsgs then they have NO brakes! Oh, and I typed this before I registered In other projects Wikiquote.

Do Police Cars Top out at 130 MPH?

Maybe you can pull one of those maneuvers like the 05′ Mustang chase they have on there. The point is, you may have out run him, but I firmly believe the 3.

cann John Wilks Booth New member Username: You will probably never see me youu that fast on a public road because if I was, there’d be no one else around to see it. Put the shaft in the car. As the Cobra is as aerodynamic as a flying brick could any of the anoraks out there work out the required BHP to achieve various high speeds. Quite the contrary–it was an incredible rush to be going so fast, and my eyes were wide open for the 3-minute or so ride.


Catch Me If You Can – Wikipedia

I can tell if I am approaching a cop car and know to slow down and no cop will catch up from behind so the only time they will get me is at a stop or coming on at a ramp. They are quite lax in Canada, like cab wouldnt believe.

I just leave it on the strip or the track for the most part. Retrieved April 8, Jodi Rell when she visited practice. Reason is if you are brahs motivated to of away it is assumed you must have done something very bad. The police also have special marked and unmarked cars that are designed for higher speeds and handling. He later said he had changed the names.

Are you living in a fantasy land or something?