Unlike most Apple printers, the Portable StyleWriter came only with a Parallel port, but was sold with a cable adapter allowing connection to a Macintosh serial port. You may also like. There are some good services out there, they will cost you money for parts and labor. This printer has scuffs and scratches from use that don’t affect performance. There is a small fan on top of it, in a black case with black filter. With Macintosh, what you see is what you get. Content provided for informational purposes only.

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This list offers examples of those printers in various conditions. The LS controller is not customer-removable.

When ordering a printer, please specify color grey or white ; some printers we have are faded to yellow, let me know if you will accept one of them at a reduced price. The codename for this model was ” Calamari. The container mentions many more printers, including I.

App,e is an HP inkjet printer made for Mac use; it is very different from the Apple-made Stylewriters. It was based on a Canon -developed Bubble Jet printer, but was repackaged with a new housing, firmware, and Apple’s proprietary 8-pin mini-DIN serial port.


Laserwriter Select, stylewriteg not available. The one pictured is platinum grey: Our notes about this are on our Mac Network parts page and those notes are called Networking notes: The Color StyleWriter was the second color inkjet printer manufactured and sold by Apple in The was smaller and more rounded, matching stylesriter PowerBook and Series. More items related to this product. Inkjet printers Apple Inc. Larger parts for this printer may be listed below.

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Follow this link for ordering information and terms and conditions of sale. Printer shipping weight 45 lbs. Printers with specifically identified conditions are warrented to those conditions. The original photocopier was released in based on experiments conducted by Chester Carlson inthough it would be some time before this kind of stylesriter could interface with a computer.

The Color Stlyewriter is notable for its compatibility with the Apple Pippin console gaming system. Any disputes that arise as a direct result of this hold of funds will not be tolerated. Some ImageWriter IIs have been in continuous service for 15 years.


But we had one of these for several years with no takers – so we no longer have this printer. Apple IW II manuals available: These models were all rebadged DeskJets.


As such, many of the first vintage computer technologies originated in this era. Condition is unknown and it is not tested. Or check Apple’s Web site for the manual or for descriptions of these lights.

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See my document about cartridges for this printer. With most computers in what you see on the screen and what you get from the printer look very different. This printer is in very good working condition.

We continue to offer Apple Stylewriter and ImageWriter printers, complete or their parts. Regular paper can be used without the SheetFeeder, but must be feed in one at a time. The ImageWriter II came in two models. These printers are very reliable, readily repaired and strongly built.