When I use my tablet in the hdmii have no problems. So, since this is rather complicated, you probably shouldn’t do it if you don’t know how and I can’t really write up a “how to” or guide at the moment. And this brings up the second problem. I’ve just got to vet some tweaks, but so far I’ve added Synapse support to make that easy for all of us. Hold down the Power and Vol – buttons until the screen turns on. Can update KODI if you want from there. The Crystal powered down but then it would not turn back on!

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If you are having trouble getting the firmware to auto-flash, darecky has reported that you can try holding down the Vol- button and then “pulsing” the Power button by pressing it every 0.

But unfortunately the device shuts down while loading u-boot, is this one using some new incompatible bootloader? Never disconnect the power to your TV box while upgrading the firmware.

Didn’t work the second time either. XDA developers amlogci another good source for ported or other manufactures ROMS which will work in your box as well as other recoveries and de bricking techniques.

AMLogic aml8726-mx TV BOX new PCB “HD18 v2.22”

If I’ve helped you unbrick your device please consider a donationeven if it is small it will help! Then I tried to OTA to 1. You can remove the thumbtack and you should follow the “hard” brick instructions. I will investigate further, what is the issue here.


Substratum The ultimate, most complete theming solution for Android. Yes, from a “soft” brick 23 votes [ Only have 4 USB slot. Thanks again as without your efforts i would be stuck with a couple of bricked boxes! Several functions may not work.

As I mentioned before, your TV box was only powered-up to make sure that the drivers installed correctly, but it needs to be in Recovery Mode for this next part to work. Just to be clear, there are very specific files to be used with each tablet, flashing a Crystal firmware to a Hero will brick the tablet, flashing a Fire firmware to a Crystal will brick the tablet, etc.

Amlogic Aml8726-Mx Dual Core TV Box

If your aml87726-mx is still not recognized by the computer it is a “deep” brick and you will need to follow those instructions first before continuing on to the next step. It still reboots every once in awhile for no apparent reason but it is now at least works — sort of, ha ha. The newest version of the AML software is supposed to work on non-English version of Ueb so make sure you have version 1. This file was meant to fail before flashing the update.

After that, go ahead and turn off your TV box.

How to Use the Amlogic USB Burning Tool to Manually Update Firmware

My laptop is currently all sorts of messed up, so there may be many questions I now can’t answer. The upgrade tool does the job in about 2 minutes.


AOKP should be nice The Crystal powered down but now it will not turn back on. This should work with Beelink M18 right? Each chipset manufacturer will have amlgoic own way of doing things.

China Amlogic AmlMx Dual Core TV Box – China Tv Box, Android Tv Box

The status bar will change and give you a general idea of what file is being modified, as well as how long the entire process has taken so far. This it is brick long ago and can not find how to make it work. For a limited time I will be excepting a limited number of bricked devices for repair as long as you pay for shipping. Step 2 If your tablet is not off, hold down the Power button for seconds.

Edited by pierwiastekz2, 30 November – My main hope is that Youtube will work as it should. Software is able to find and connect to the device but no matter which img I have tried every one gives the failed to parse error. Believe it or not, if everything went smoothly up to this point, the hard part is already done.