And the icing on the cake can be enjoyed on stage of Cubase insert effects, especially valuable for voice in order to have a balanced sound Noisegate, Compressor, EQ, Vocal Rider, doubling the track with supercharging and light distortion, reverb, delay, etc Fortunately, as it is in English and the fact there is not French. It is not rackable alone. Not rack 8 mic preamp, 8 stereo voice, 1 stereo main output, 1 stereo for voice transfer, the two outputs, headphone jack. I assume there are some rack ears built to hold this. The knobs themselves are not as tight and solid feeling as the ones on my Mackie VLZ3, but they function properly.

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Despite its fragile appearance, she holding up, surprisingly. I tried Audacity, but I failed.

In short, without going into details, you must first install the drivers and immediately update the firmware for the upgrade to version 2. Choice I do it again without a doubt, this is an excellent value for money, shame Alesis no longer offers this model. I use Cubase rVerb or TrueVerb home Waves where everything is customizable, it’s another planet, nothing to do with the integrated effects myltimix the table!

Of course we can not only select a single, common to all tracks. What struck me about this table is to be able to record channels in a sparment squenceur. The EQ works fine. Ideal for live recording budget in my case, for an example check out my space http: Fortunately, as it is in English and the fact there is not French. By dj cons if you have the mtier, perhaps it will be a bit frustrating because you can feel the limits of what hardware!


I assume there are some rack aleais built to hold this. Updating the firmware is a little process but the update guide that comes with it explains how to.

Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. I would mutimix preferred more input and less stereo microphones Except that I feel that we can not put the 18 tracks.

Alesis Multimix 16 FireWire 16 Channel Analog Mixer

Its fairly big so I only have referenced it when I needed it but, I was able to find answers to the problems I had. With exprience, I’m happy with the hardware. Sort by most recent most useful. So yes overall a fine, but then for people who like to see the red LEDs lighted, will not do it, is the breath!

For every feature has already been said Voila, hsitez firedire invest if you want to start. It has a 3 Band Shelving EQ. Write a user review. Sampling supposed to go up in bit Hz, but for now I do not go russi del Hz 16 bit recording with squenceur provided.

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With this table I can finally record my drums. Another important point from which t said before, the drivers are unstable if you use the table as a sound card for windows.


Yes, for that price, I would definitely do it again. I will use alesls with my band to record some rehearsal and concert.

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I also own a Presonus Firepod and Firebox and all three of them preform quite well with very little latency. However, I am particularly pleased and opportunities offered through the firewire interface. It would be nice if the problem is corrected in the next few drivers.

Small problem, however, for the management of stage monitors: One to connect AUX returns, so everyone will have the same mix of return if zikos are demanding, it can be a ffirewire But for concerts in places small about pers max is sufficient.

Especially when one knows that other models from home with only Alesis Stereo main mix output comes with a version of Cubase LE, which has no limit of number track simultaneous recording.

I love this table, I swear! After it works with the version of Cubase LE comes.