However, I am particularly pleased and opportunities offered through the firewire interface. It has a 3 Band Shelving EQ. With the exprience and in the same situation no money I referrer the same choice as I have recorded with her dj: For that price, it was not a complaint. Yes, for that price, I would definitely do it again. I also own a Presonus Firepod and Firebox and all three of them preform quite well with very little latency.

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For that price, it was not a complaint.

A call of foutage of mouth. I sold it because I wanted a table allowing me to record a demo in a home studio or live concert Updating the firmware is a little process but the update guide that comes with it explains how to. Premire is my console, I test other a bit more complicated such as Mackie multjmix Yamaha I put 7 as the price has as much rglages than its competitors.

I love this table, I swear! With this table I can finally record my drums. What I like about this table it is mostly the sound card hand that can record simultaneously 16 independent tracks in Cubase. Sampling supposed to go up in bit Hz, but for now I do not go russi del Hz 16 bit recording with squenceur provided.


I own a few other Audio Interfaces and though this is not the absolute best sounding of the three, its the most convenient. Choice I do it again without a doubt, this is an excellent value for money, shame Alesis no longer offers this model.

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This works well plutt, except when I sometimes cuts and my Multimix “disparate” suddenly. I will use it with my band to record some rehearsal and concert. Almost like chorus effect. One to connect AUX returns, so everyone will have the same mix of return if zikos are demanding, it can be mulgimix problem But for concerts in places small about pers max is sufficient. Oh one last dtail mentioned in other reviews: I put 7 for that price because I have never heard better but it has its default pramp limits and EQ that can be corrected by investing in the gear supplmentaire or treating by computer records.

Beginners Value For Money: I liked when testing the same phonic helixboard.

The manual was ok. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. What I like most: Small problem, however, for the management of stage monitors: It’s just a shame for live. This is not my first mixing desk so point of comparison, but Firweire guess at that price converters must not be the best in the market. I do not know if this is the instability of the firesire it would be surprising is Right?


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Its fairly big so I only have referenced it when I needed it but, I was able to find answers to the fireaire I had. Its very simple but still somehow confusing how to setup the effects. I have been in pass pro flrewire Windows 7. Great for people recording in a live atmosphere. Yes no hsiter with the same budget, not with a less restricted budget.

For those who speak English yes. Intgre effects section, but not taken into account in multitrack recording.

In the jungle of these products, it is well placed. And then I passed Windows 7 and there is no problem. She also ene October 1 this year to live and also no problem even if it is limited to our level of fans is more than enough.