I worked out how to get the channel name into the epg. Unzip this application and run the exe, select the desired tuner and capture devices from the popups. I got a response from Afatech to my second message. This chip seems to be real bad, I wouldn’t reccomend it to anyone. On mine i cant get full signal on all the channels, only one: Selfish I know, but I am so relieved that I am not the only one having trouble with “unknown” channels. I gave up altogether, I got another usb stick, this piece of chiness cr p is not detected at all.

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Select Your Operating System, wlndows zipped files, and then proceed to manually install them. On mine i cant get full signal on all the channels, only one: Af Bda Device was fully scanned at: The more I read about these AF devices, the more flakey I think they sound – whether its hardware or drivers I dont know.

Af Dvb T Usb Driver

I honestly dont know if the warming of the device is the problem or not. Leadtek dvtt PCI should should be here Friday.

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem a driver problem, since I can barely watch a just couple of channels while, with the same antenna-cable on my TV the quality is perfect. You will have to update the AF driver to the Terratec one, which is included in the download.


Download and install AfaTech AF BDA Device – driver id

Although if that is the case then what use is the ‘standard’ supplied BDA driver? Or have somebody tried to change some basic components? You can re-scan and tweak using the advanced settings on the player.

Atleast you can always install linux to make a full pvr like mythTV if it doesnt work on windows. That’s using a link to mymain aerial, which recieves freeview well on the main television and another FW box. Or is this being done by drivers? Other drivers most commonly associated with Af Wlndows Device problems: But why did Afatech release a BDA driver when the device couldn’t conform to the standard?

I’ve run out of PCI slots and these would be a cheap way to add more tuners.

The computer aindows the dvbt again and asks should it install driver Just tried the blaze again, it shows full signal on the bar, but every now and then ‘No Signal’ flashes up in the main tv windows, what does that mean?

Have anybody tried to open this stick and cool it manually? My stick also draws full mA from USB Although the AF finds channels when scanning with the supplied BlazeDTV software, it seems to have trouble identifying them and sometimes a found channel appears to have no signal.


I am having the same problems That does make some of sense of what I’ve experienced with this tuner. Even with the latest updates, I still can’t get blaze working correctly. So I install the terratec on my laptop but it does not pick up any channels.

Af9005 Bda Device Driver Download

Is it possible that all the PIDs except those for one channel are being filtered out by the stick in order to fit the stream into the limited bandwidth of USB? At least it finds a lot more channel than Blaze. I retuned the device, setting the location to ‘Universal’ from ‘UK’, it took longer to tune but found the channel names and schedule inforamtion. What a piece of crap If wibdows i could install the cinergy driver INI are at the end of this message.

Some are blank, some stutter inc channel 4 but many are very clear. I think it have something to do with warming Dbut does not play them clearly, ie they jump about: D Unfortunately i havnt been able to get it to run with gb-pvr but thats another story.