Do not place heavy objects on the monitor or power cord. Myson ISP Board Apply non-ammonia based cleaner onto the cloth, not directly onto the class screen. View our privacy policy before signing up. The use of substitute replacement parts, which do not have the same safety characteristics as specified in the parts list, may create shock, fire, or other hazards.

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Q, R, R and ZD make up of dummy loading circuit.

Colours were well rendered, although there was a slightly blue tinge to some shades. The operation frequency is determined by the external Resistor R and capacitor C connected to pin5 of IC L is used to clear up low frequency wave.

Acer P Service manual |

Exploded Diagram 9 Acer 2. Pros Sharp pictures, minimal noise, stylish design. The video signals are analog levels, where 0V corresponds to black and mV is the maximum signal amplitude. Always unplug p232 monitor before cleaning it.

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Would you buy this? Blue connector thumb-operated jack screws Pin Assignment: For DC 14V, D is used to rectify the inducted current.


Resistors R, R, R, R are for external current limit adjustment. Bottom Line A solid 22in display from Acer, the PW will suit users regardless of whether they want to play games, watch films or just browse the Web.

Acer P223W LCD Monitor

The sharpness graphs were rendered clearly and there was minimal noise on the moire patterns. Separation between segments at the extreme ends of some of the colour intensity ramps was a little lacking.

AC Source Chroma Electrical safety tester: Membership is free, and your security and privacy remain acwr. There is an on-screen menu included, which gives some basic ability to adjust colour presets. No harm No harm No harm No Word can be read. Refer to preset timing table and power saving mode 3.

And used to reduce the current limit externally to a value close to the operating peak current of primary about 1. This monitor should only be repaired by a qualified technician. It should be that no buzz or rattling sound occurs over the sweep frequency range.

Clean the cabinet with a clean, dry cloth. Chroma Zentech A Stereo source: When running via a D-sub connection, desktop icons and text at times looked quite soft, however connecting via DVI eradicated this problem.


The 22in monitor category has been heating up in recent months and has rapidly become the sweet spot in terms of value for money if you’re looking to up-size your PC display. There are high-voltage parts inside that may cause electric shock to human bodies.

The display can be angled backwards, but no side-to-side or forward motion is available. When VSEN reaches 3. C is used for soft start and compensation, C, C are used for dump noise. The input signals are applied to display through D-sub cable. The only tests that revealed any issues at all were the contrast charts. U and U work as full-bridge topology, it is p2233 efficient, zero voltage switching. Do not place heavy objects on the monitor or power cord.

Fortunately, contrast was handled better in afer game and film tests. Apply non-ammonia based cleaner onto the cloth, not directly onto the class screen.