Typical output looks like:. For example, ” series” or “SX and higher” may be next to a command. No space is allowed within the string. This feature is useful for operating systems limited to 2 TB filesystems. The default group varies based on number of disks. Also, some of these features may be compenhensively more complex to described in a few discreet commands.

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Command lines beginning with denotes start of comment. However, if there is no BBU available for the controller, a warning is sent to standard error. If you set this option to allupon an unclean system shutdown, the Rapid RAID Recovery policy will apply to rebuild, initialize, and verify tasks at reboot. Stripe size of units are in KB kilobytes. If a port is empty i. Recall that a RAID is a multi-tier array.

AMCC Sara RAID Controller 3ware Series | eBay

Please note that it is not necessary to include any read cache attribute if you wish to select the Intelligent mode of Read Cache, since the system default is Read Cache Intelligent.

See the Enclosure Element Power Supply section for more. You can continue using the original unit during this time. These commands are in the “Phy Object Messages” section. Please note that once this attribute is set for the unit, the policy setting is persistent in the system until it is disabled. After which example outputs showing the special case are presented.


In another words, despite a BBU being attached to a controller, with BBU detection disabled, storage management software will report that there is no BBU installed on this controller. Units that are currently in use or mounted should not be deleted. If the policy is set to disablethen none of the tasks would be sped up.

The input of size is an integer in gigabytes GB and the valid range is [ A battery fault is detected. This command allows you to identify a unit within an enclosure.

See the Enclosure Element Fan section for more. The following is an example of how migrating units are displayed. The failing drive should be replaced if this error occurs. If the image is valid a subsequent message will indicate the detected version difference, along with a table showing the 3waree number and the firmware versions. Compatibility checks are not bypassed. You can use the show verify command to display the existing schedule 3wafe.

Creating a jbod in 3Ware 8000/9550

Enabling the read cache increases performance. Specifying the size s of the boot or first four volumes in essense overlays these volumes with their respective sizes to that of the carved volume sizes.


CLI supports a set of primary command syntax and a set of legacy command syntax that is the old or original command syntax. See the Shell Object 3waare section for more. The hostname is the name of the system where your 3ware RAID controllers are.

This is a destructive command and should be used 800 extreme care. The upper user input limit is 32TB. This command provides specific focus related help, illustrating various ways to use the focus command.

Messages are commands sent to the requested objects. These events reflect messages of varying severity levels.

The charging is started automatically by the BBU whenever necessary. Upon drive hot-plug, that is, not on power-on or reset, the default behavior of the system is automatic detection of the drives and immediate spin-up. This command is supported on the SE controller with Release 9.