Hamidi Intel Corporation Inc. Scissoring and stenciling units remained. For comparison Matrox G looks like a good candidate to me. The alliance continued, Permedia 2 integrates TI’s MHz DAC technology with x32 bit texture lookup table supporting four and eight bit paletted textures. Rasterizer is plenty fast, close to promised polygon rates even with smooth Gouraud shading and specular lighting. Turok is pretty much unplayable because of all the solid skies and other errors.

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Display drivers are available for Windows 3. When their market share shrunk beyond recovery time has come for controlled bankruptcy in It was a compromise that mastered none. Supporting resolutions up to x and 32 bit color depths it is quite obvious that the Graphics Blaster EXXTREME has its origins in the high end video industry, mostly derived 3dlwbs the manufacturer of the Permedia 2 chipset, 3DLabs.

Creative Labs Graphics Blaster EXXTREME

The Permedia 2 chipset is obvously not designed for use with lower speed processors, and the acceleration it provides is highly scalable based on processor speed. When results from driver came together, comparison against similar kind of products like Revolution 3D and Millennium 2 seem to be good idea, but Permedia is lagging behind even more.

Permedia 2 supports AGP texturing as well as 3D rendering in bit color depth. Wikimedia Commons has media related to 3Dlabs video cards. Sin would also, but Chromatic’s wrapper is an alternative, even if badly looking. Instead of concentrating solely on the high end market, 3DLabs manage to harness most of the power of their more expensive chipsets with the Permedia 2 while keeping the cost at a managable level.


It isn’t anything worthy of the compression name, it just effectively reduces textures into quarters. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. Newly implemented optimization can skip frame buffer reads of pixels covered by texel with alpha value of one.

But it should also be remembered that Per,edia 2 was for it’s time quite CPU hungry, perhaps a price for more flexible pipeline that needed more control from the host. How about slowest version of Matrox Mystique?

Results from GLQuake bigass demo are especially bad as Permedia is playing it with lots of small freezes. The Permedia 3 and GLINT R3 also introduced support for hardware dot product bump mapping, but this feature would not be extensively used in games until a year or so after its release. It is possible to see all textures at least in default demo, though it is still not enough to enjoy permeia game without some white polygons.

Still, I would rather judge overall 3d performance of Permedia as slightly inferior, because of bigger image quality issues.

Creative Labs Graphics Blaster EXXTREME

Log in Don’t have an account? There is a checkbox for Final Fantasy VII support, but when enabled my version is still permedi of artifacts.


Archived from the original on December 6, Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. Triangle setup engine claims MFLOPS just like Delta, but unless it has separate clock domain it had to be redesigned for halved per clock performance.

Archived from the original on October 18, Three retail cards based on this chip were released: Games that do take advantage of the 3D Blaster VLB usually run in higher resolution x or x and with additional graphics detail.

Last generic Permedia 2 driver version from April is used. Above is earlier card, fabricated in IBM. For example, make a comparison to PCX. Overall, these chips are definitely 3vlabs geared towards gaming. Vertex fog is blended with transparent textures properly, frame buffer dithering is sensitive enough. With its own quirks, it seems old Permedia was no longer paid attention to since second one came out. The Permedia 2 was released in late and was an evolution of the lermedia Permedia.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons.