Adding Sends on Faders takes about the same amount of time to sync. Again, meter and fader movement is fast. The Yamaha only supports “hui” mode on the usb connector All times are GMT Yes, like I wrote to start with, I did everything after the manual

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Andrew Broughton wrote on Thu, 12 February Start by testing the USB-communication between your pc and the 01v Find all posts by Odd Terje.

Firmware and Software

With my laptop and a standard, 6′ USB cable, sync takes about ten seconds. Let me know how you make out.

Third Eye Studios Member. Fader and meter movements lag noticably. I have the Behringer bcf wich works a bit in the same way. Thanks for the quick reply!!!

Possibly the Icron USB 2. All times are GMT Using a Yamaha 01V96 with PT?

Yamaha 01V96 Installation Manual: Usb Midi Driver

Either way, meter and fader movements are fast. Am i just being stupid or what?


The Yamaha only supports “hui” mode on the usb connector The yamaha 01v96 as a MIDI controller I am kinda convinced it doesnt work because of one tiny itsie pitsie thing. I think its because it is a 16 fader device and it takes two midi ports to do that One for each eight channel I kinda hoped that that should do it but, no All the Midi choices function, but only marginally fast enough, and without Sends on Faders. Usb-mici a private message to Bastiaan.

For me, the StarTec USB extender worked fine for a while, with or without Sends on Faders, but then started losing the connection and required a laptop reboot to work again.

Send a private message to Third Eye Studios. Initial sync was slow, screen updates were not instantaneous and the meters lagged a bit. February 12, The time now is Find all posts by Bastiaan. If i switch on the bcf after ptle is launched its not working, and exhibiting the same problems you are describing.


Sends on Faders doesn’t work with this setup. I downloaded that manual from www. I have a client coming in tomorrow, and i usb-midu to impress him I believe they are just too slow and kludgy.

01V96, USB and MIDI control

Thanks for looking in to my problem by reading this Yamaha’s studio manager software works great with the 01v96 on USB. It does NOT receive midi and therefore the faders on the 01v96 travels back to where start The yamaha 01v96 as a MIDI controller Hello, Just as a suggestion and maybe to narrow down the possibilities, try to set up control of PT via midi instead of usb. I Cant see what I’m doing wrong here But today is not that day.